Automatic Glyph substitution

Hi all,

I am developing a font and some of its accented glyphs are being substituted automatically in Illustrator and TextEdit by the corresponded glyphs of the default font, Myriad.

Ex: I try to type /atilde and it gives me /atilde from Myriad. It seems that the softwares are not recognizing the glyph /tilde, but the unicodes are correct. I think it is an issue with the name of the glyph: tildecomb, not tilde. All my other fonts with name only tilde are working good. The problem is not happening in InDesign, strangely.

Any ideas? thanks a lot,

Does your font have both tilde and tildecomb?

The reason this could be happening is that TextEdit (for example) has to display a tilde, whichever it is, in yellow while it waits for the next letter, a. If the font lacks that letter, it falls back to the default typeface.


Hi @Tosche , thanks for following up. You described the problem perfectly.

No I don’t have both Tilde and Tildecomb, only the latter. The problem is occurring not only with Tildes but also with circumflex and grave.

The unicodes for those diacritics are: 0303 (tildecomb), 0300 (gravecomb) and 0302 (circumflexcomb)

Why TextEdit (for example) is considering that the font lacks those letters/diacritics if they exist?

tks again

The tilde (u+2CDC) and tildecomb (u+0303) are different glyphs and serve different purposes (the latter is used to dynamically make a diacritical letter that otherwise does not exist in your font). But Mac displays the plain version while you type diacritical letters as a placeholder.

No, in your case those glyphs do seem to lack.

Hmmm… makes sense. If you are right the problem should be solved if I add the following glyphs to my font:

grave 0060
circumflex 02C6
tilde 02DC

Correct? Do I also have to delete the tildecomb, circumflexcomb and gravecomb?


No, just have both diacritics with the name “comb” and without.

problem solved, tks a lot @Tosche

Noob question guys:
I’m usually designing the diacritics and then import them as components into the combs after which I add the anchors to the combs and use them to create all the glyphs that need diacritics.
Is this the correct way to do it?

I do it the other way around, I create the combs, that way they cannot shift against the anchors. I usually set their LSBs to =40 and the RSBs to =|. Then, I simply generate the legacy spacing marks, and they are by default created with the combs as components in them.

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