Automatic shape creation

I wonder if Glyphs App is capable of automatically connecting single nodes defined by coordinates …

What do you mean? Where do you get the coordinates from?

I mean placing the nodes on the artboard and getting Glyphs to connect them.

The coordinates come from a typeface that has been created within specialised computer software.

And how do you place them? By hand? or with a script?

So far by hand, but would prefer a script.

You can do so with a layer pen. What’s your experience with Python?

When you use the pen tool, the nodes are connected automatically. Other than that, you need to write a script.

mekkablue: thanks—Python: I think of large snakes :-). As you can see, my scripting skills are non-existent. But not to worry, I’ll use the pen tool.

Thanks for the comments.

We have a four-step tutorial that gets you started in Python. You can learn it in an afternoon.