Automatic small caps feature

I have made small caps using the .sc suffix. When I update the features the c2sc-feature is generated automatically, but not the smcp-feature.
When I add the smcp-feature manually and check the option to generate it automatically the feature disappears.
As a result I can only make small caps from capitals and not from lowercase characters (in InDesign).
How can I incorporate the smcp-feauture in the font automatically?

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The smcp feature generator expects lowercase glyph names. (E.g. instead of

If you add a feature manually, you are not supposed to check “generate automatically”.

I guess you mean “ instead of”. When the small cap name starts with caps, Glyphs assumes that they are used for the c2sc feature.

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Thanks. Indeed I named the small caps,, etc. Naming them, act. solve stye problem.

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Thanks this helped me, too, as I had made the small caps by duplicating the caps and didn’t think to change the glyph name to lowercase. Obvious once you point it out!

From a user experience perspective, how about, rather than removing the feature (and jarringly jumping to the topmost feature), keep the feature that the user created and just add a comment, eg.

# No glyphs found, eg.

Tiny change, but would have made a big difference to me, as a newbie.

Interesting idea. We’re thinking about it.

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