Automatically creating a number of new glyphs with components

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when using the Menu > “Add Glyphs” I’m able to create a list of glyphs. If those glyphnames are unicode the components are added togehter automatically. Is it also possible to create new character-names and predefine which components should be used?

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Can you give a example of the glyphs you like to add?

E.g. I’m currently working on a kind of phonetic alphabet for a university project.

There is letter that we call mcircumflexbelow ->
This circumflexbelow is possible for most letters in the alphabet so to save time I’d like to create them once at a time with “Add glyphs” and have both elements already inserted for me, so I only would have to adjust the x-axis of the circumflex for most characters.

That would be Font > Add Glyphs… with this recipe:

But you do not need to create mcircumflexbelow. What you want to do is better achieved by mark-to-base positioning. Just make sure your m has a bottom anchor, and that you have an accent called circumflexbelowcomb with a _bottom anchor. Then you can type m (uni006D) followed by circumflexbelowcomb (uni032D) to type an m with a circumflex below. The precise position is determined by the anchors.

In which environment will you use the font? InDesign?