Avar table, assigning OS2 weight values to instances

Hey! I have a variable font setup in Glyphs3 with 4 masters (2 upright, 2 oblique), 10 instances (5 Upright and 5 Oblique, ranging from Light to Black) and two axes (wght and slnt).

The Regular and Medium instances in the Glyphs file don’t fit the OS2 weight values, but for the variable font export I want them to sit on wght=400 and wght=500 on the weight axis. So I set up a Axis Mapping Custom Parameter like this:
Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 12.34.17
(left column: OS2 values, right column: instance values)
When I export the variable font with the Axis Mapping, the Styles are still on the same position on the weight axis (360 and 550)
Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 12.39.51

I don’t want the weight of the Styles to change, but assign a new position for them on the weight axis. Have I misunderstood the function of the avar table? Is there a way to pin the instances to a desired value on the axis?