Averaging/interpolating letter shapes


I want to experiment with the average of two typefaces – so for example interpolating/combining typeface A and B to a generated C. An example would be http://iotic.com/averia/ but in my case with far fewer shapes. Actually two would do.

Is there a way to try this with Glyphs? For example by “abusing” multiple masters?


You import the fonts as masters in File > Font Info > Masters and give them different master values for Weight, e.g. 100 and 200.

Then in Font Info > Instances, you add an instance with a value between them, e.g. 150.

Then you sort out incompatibilities. See the Multiple Masters tutorial.

If you only need to do it for a few glyphs, you can put the second shape in the background and use the Transform Filter > Background. You still need to make the paths compatible.

Thank you two! Great, I’m gonna try both ways.