Axes delete bug

For version 2.5.2 (1187) on Mac High Sierra, 5 Axes were added and implemented; for reference here - 1,2,3,4&5. Everything worked fine. Ultimately, Axis 1 was not needed, so Axis 1 was deleted. After deleting Axis 1, the data for the remaining Axes 2,3,4&5 was the data for Axes 1,2,3 & 4 respectively, instead of the data for the remaining Axes being 2,3,4&5 that it should have been. It is unclear to me if the wrong data for Axis 5 was deleted instead of deleting the data for Axis 1, or perhaps no data for the axes was deleted and the remaining Axes were just referencing the data in the database in the order that they were finding it, which would begin with Axis 1. In the latter case, the data for Axes 5 would still be in the database, just not accessed - would this left over data create any problems in the future? Is it safe to delete an axis right now? To start from scratch with no axes would be several days of work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

That is a known problem. The axis implementation is bolted on the previous data structures and has its limitations. Fixing that properly would disrupt to much in the data model on this point.