Axes not working together

I cannot find the answer to this so I’m writing. Sorry if I missed something!

I am working on a variable font. I have 4 masters:

Regular Slanted
Bold Slanted

For some reason, when I export Illustrator does not recognizes the Slant Axe, and the slider doesn’t produce change at all when moved around. I weight axe works fine by itself when the Slant axe is not present.

What am I doing wrong?

The slant value for Bold Slanted should say 9 in the screenshot. Still doesn’t work.

Can you try in a web browser or in FontGoggles? And what version of Illustrator do you have?

According to the spec (slnt design-variation axis tag (OpenType 1.9) - Typography | Microsoft Docs), the “Regular” value of the slant axis should be zero. I wonder if Ilustrator is enforcing that.

I did not know of Font Goggles! Great resource. It is working fine in FG! I updated AI and is working fine as well. Thank you.

New AI version is 26.0.22