Axis coordinates to stylistic sets

I have a two-axes font, weight and weirdness. This works fine for variable, but is impractical for static fonts, there I would keep the instances of the weight axis only. Is there an easy way to convert the glyphs at certain axis coordinates to stylistic alternates in static exports? So /a weight 100, weirdness 0 is standard, /a.ss01 is weight 100, weirdness 100?

This sounds like a perfect use case for a relatively simple script. Essentially, you want to duplicate all glyphs, and use the outlines of your weirdness=100 masters for the weirdness=0 masters. Make a dict of all masters, map the masters with the same weight coordinate but different weirdness coordinates to each other. Duplicate all glyphs and copy the outlines from each weirdness=100 master to its corresponding weirdness=0 master. Then delete all other masters. Then trigger an export of all static instances.

Thanks! I was hoping it would be possible with some export filter similar to a=a.ss01, so I can set and forget. If there’s no native way to do that I’ll try to script it.