Axis Mapping bug?

3.0.2 (3047)
Export to VF from Glyphs3

I have the feeling Glyphs3 doesn’t take into account the axis mapping custom parameter: fvar instances display the designspace coordinates instead of the user values, creating inconsistencies between fvar and STAT table values.
(eg: coord axis=“wght” value=“420.0” for Regular instead of 400)

I tested it with Glyphs 2 and 3 file format

  • tested the parameter in Font info and in Exports (variable font setting)
  • tested the value order in the axis mapping parameter (us values on the right, designspace values on the left and vice-versa)

Also, if I add the parameter in the Exports, while saving in format 2, then the parameter disappears when I re-open the file.

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