Background image across glyphs

I’m tracing from a sheet with several glyphs next to each other. Is there a way to make the image visible across glyphs while being able to edit them? If I put the image in the foreground it disappears when I edit another glyph, and if I put it in the background I can’t edit the glyphs while in the background mode.

Across glyphs? No, can’t be done. Put it into the foreground of each glyph and lock it to keep it from moving after you adjust it for size or other things. Then you can edit the outlines.

I’m trying also to adjust the spacing, so I don’t want to move the image when copied to each glyph. After randomly pressing ⌘+b for a number of time, I have something pretty close to what I want: when I edit the adjacent glyphs the image keep showing, though the preview is weird and I have no idea what mode I’m in.

Images should never be added to the background. They have a similar name but those mean different things.

I guess I’m misusing something or me be hitting a bug, but it more or less does what I need, so I can’t complain :grin: