Background layer view makes window freeze until toggled off


For a few days I’ve had a strange issue which makes it impossible to use the background layer.

The moment I switch to that layer (Cmd-B) the window stops responding until I exit again.

I’m not sure how to even start troubleshooting it.

In any font (e.g. also in a new empty one) or only in one specific font? If the latter, please send your .glyphs file to support at this domain.

If the former: which version are you running? What’s happening in the console?

Hi mekka,

Even blank files. My version: Version 1.3.17 (429).

Strange. What’s your set-up otherwise? OS? Third party plug-ins? Did you try it in another user? Anything happening in the Console when you switch to or from the Background?

There seems to be an issue with Glyphs from App Store in MacOS 10.6. I will have a look a this.


I don’t know about the app store issue: I don’t use that version. I’m running the full non-appstore one.

I’m running A pretty standard OS 10.8.2 setup. The only third party plugin is Speedpunk.

Alright, after enough fiddling around I fixed it. I don’t even know how at this point. I hope that it’s somehow the bug that was identified with the app store version, and so with that fixed maybe it won’t come back.

All the best

If you remember what you did to fix it, can you tell me?