Background nodes and handles

Is it possible to show nodes and handles of the outlines in the background layer? Although it snaps to them, I think it would make it faster finding them when tracing an outline in the background.

I have this plugin (not published), but isn’t it faster to copy & paste the background if you want the same result as that?

not sure if it’s faster. sometimes I just want to have some parts of the glyph identical and then copying & pasting, merging and all the rest seems more roundabout to me.

There’s the plugin Show Handles Everywhere, developed by @mekkablue:

Great, thanks for pointing this out!

If you need to align handles with the paths in the background, you can try to use to move in somewhere near the position where it should go and then press cmd+shift+A. It will try to find the closest node in the background and move the current node on top of it. Align oncurve nodes first…

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Thanks Georg, I’ll give it a try too.

Thanks, I didn’t know it had existed already!