Basic problem with filter: How do you "expand" a filter result?

Hmm… so I think I am not entirely understanding how you use filters, in particular the “Offset Curve”.

I drew a simple path, roughly generate a shape I’d like to use as a basis for tweaking. So after the filter I end up with something like this:

How do I get the actual shape instead of just my path with the dynamic shape somehow untouchable in the background? I’m thinking something like Illustrator’s “Expand” command. I tried context menus, reopening the Filter, View menu, Path menu… how do you work with filters like this?

My guess is that you have View > Show Preview Offset checked. So, the grey shape is showing what would happen if you selected Filter > Offset Curve with the last options used in that filter.

Select the Offset Curve filter from the Filter menu and make sure to press the Offset button in that pop-up panel. That should create the shape.

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Ah yes, so I probably just used the Filter without “Ok” and the “Show preview offset” already showed what would have happened. Thanks!