Batch Copy Layer

Is there a way to copy multiple glyphs in the Font panel and rename the layer all at once instead of having to go into each individual glyph and rename the new layer?

I am testing a color font of a bitmap image and have set up multiple iColor layers at 500, 250 and 100. I’ve had to label each glyph individually after copying the layer three times. Is there a faster way to do this that I’m not seeing?

Also, does this system not work for Window computers - will my final .otf file not install properly there?

Thanks guys!

It will install properly, but the question is if the app in which you use it supports it. I cannot spare you from testing in the intended apps, I am afraid.

There are scripts for finding and replacing in layer names.

Gotcha, that’s fine I will test the apps I was just curious if I needed to go about it completely differently for Windows computers.

Is it in your Glyphs-script-master? I’ve tried running a search for it but its possible I didn’t use the correct terms.

mekkablue > Interpolation > Find and Replace in Layer Names