Batch Fit Curve selected glyphs?

Is it possible to use Fit Curve to apply the same result on multiple selected glyphs?

So you’re okay that all paths in selected glyphs will get Fit-Curved? For example, if you have a Roman D with bracket serifs, both bowl and serifs will get fit at the same ratio, and I am not sure if that’s what you want.

Because Fit curve is normally something you want to apply to specific selected segments, it’s not a glyph-wide function (unless you select all paths), let alone multiple glyphs.

Toshi is right, this should not be default app functionality. If that process does make sense for your project, it will make sense to go for a scripting solution, e.g.:

buttonIndex = 3 # from 0 to 7

thisFont = Glyphs.font
theseLayers = Font.selectedLayers
for thisLayer in theseLayers:
	# store current node selection
	oldSelection = [ n for n in thisLayer.selection if type(n) == GSNode ]
	# select all nodes:
	listOfAllNodes = []
	for thisPath in thisLayer.paths:
		listOfAllNodes += thisPath.nodes

	# execute fit curve:
	fitCurvePlugin = NSClassFromString("GlyphsPaletteFitCurve").alloc().init()
	# restore selection:
	thisLayer.setSelection_( None )
	thisLayer.addObjectsFromArrayToSelection_( oldSelection )

Great, thanks for the tips!