Batch image import?


I’m using glyphs mini 2.0.1. The manual says "You can add many images at once by choosing Glyph > Add Image and selecting any number of image files in the subsequent Open File dialog. "

I have named files A.jpg B.jpg C.jpg etc, but the open file dialog box will not let me choose more than one file at a time.


Did you hold down the Shift key while selecting file names?

Yes. Neither shift nor command have any effect.

Did you have the empty character cells selected for the ones you want to import?

In the main font tab, Add image is grayed out. Doesn’t matter if I have any letters selected or not.

That is odd. It is working as it should for me. Something else going on there but I don’t know what it is.

I created a new document and it’s still grayed out, even with letters selected. By the way, it’s crashing like crazy since installing Mini 2.0, usually when i click on a letter tab or the “fonts” tab at the top. I’m sending the reports as it goes. Mac OS 10.9.5.

I guess it is something to do with Mini; I use the regular version. Hopefully Mekkablue or Georg have a ready answer once they see the crash reports.

Please try:

  1. redownloading and reinstalling it
  2. running it in a different user on your machine

Downloaded and reinstalled. Logged in as a different user. Selected a few letters in the main window, “add image” is still grayed out.

Guys, any update on this? I tried batch import in the full glyphs and it does work. Is it a feature in mini or not? The manual says it is, but it doesn’t work. I’m authoring a course for on glyphs and this is part of it.

I checked, and you are right, it only works when a glyph is opened for editing. Until this is fixed, please consider it a mistake in the handbook.

OK will do. thanks.