Batch placing images

what is the syntax for distinguishing between lower- and upper case letters? placing images from a folder works fine, if you have just »a.jpg« etc. BUT what about uppercase then? OSX does not allow to have »a.jpg« and »A.jpg« in the same folder (since they are basically the same for it)

i tried some »A_.jpg« or »A_uc.jpg« and so on, and i searched the manual as well. any documentation for that?


The easiest way around it (in my experience) is to keep Uppercase and Lowercase in two different subfolders.

Or, you could use .jpeg (with an e) as suffix for the uppercase letters, and .jpg (without e) for the lowercase letters. I haven’t tried it, but it should work. :slight_smile:

ok. I tried the jpEg and it works. perhaps subfoldering is a bit cleaner though. thank you!