Beginner Question: Whats a good spacing?

Hey guys. I know its an absolute beginner question and I already know how to set spacing but …

What is a good spacing?

Normally I set for all glyphs the same width of side-bearings
Example: +40 W +40 / +40 J +40 / +40 ! +40 and so on … (Also for non-monospaced fonts) The rest I do with kerning.

Is that a wrong method? Do you have a more professional way to set the spacing between the glyphs?

Or do you have something like a demo font in native glyphs format where I/we can check all the beautiful strong features of the app? :slight_smile:


That is not a good method. It’s not the equal distance that matters, but area. For example, H and L have totally different space on the right side (L has a lot more open space). The left side can be the same, but the right sidebearing of the L should have much less space than that of H. Just check any good fonts and observe spacing for more detail. But the basic idea is, refine sidebearings as much as possible, and kern as little as possible.

For the nice features about the app, go to the Getting Started page and see videos and handbooks.

Yes, watch the video on the Getting Started page (2min), and read this:

Thats a super good advice. I tried it and also checked other fonts.
Now I am satisfied with the result. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help. Here is what it looks like:

Spacing Result