Behavior of the Rename Glyphs parameter


I’m working on this project where we need to swap glyphs with their alternate variants (at export only, as we still want to export the normal, un-swapped instance).
The Rename Glyphs parameter seemed like the perfect way to do just that, but I realized it doesn’t swap kerning groups, which won’t do it for me because my alternates have specific kerning and kerning groups that are not those of base letters.
I understand that swapping kerning groups might not be desirable all the time, but still I think we should have some sort of option to do that, because assuming that swapped glyphs can and should share the kerning groups is problematic.

Am I somehow missing a built-in option to do what I want, or do I need to script my way through this?

If nothing is implemented that allows to swap kern groups when swapping glyphs via the Rename Glyphs parameter, do you see value into having this option?