Being able to choose which bcp persists when converting a corner into a smooth curve

When I have a corner node with 2 bcps, and then double click the node point, it used to be that it would change to a green smooth point then I could move one of the bcps to fix the other bcp into a smooth corner.

Now when I double click the corner node Glyphs App automatically tries to guess how the node should become smooth: sometimes it snaps to the horizontal/vertical, sometimes it averages it.

I preferred the old behaviour where it didn’t immediate smooth out. It was more useful when I could retain one of the curves because normally one side is already correct:

Screen recording

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We’re discussing.

The video doesn’t open for me.

Dropbox Link

You can disable the automatic alignment by running this in the macro panel:

Glyphs.defaults["GSMakeSmoothNodes"] = False

And I just added that when you press the Option key, it will keep the handle, too

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