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Hi guys! I’m starting to work on a Bengali font and thought I’d start a thread so we can work through issues that might pop up during the development. (Is this a good idea? I can do this privately if you like)

I populated the character set based on the glyph lists in the menu, but some of the unicode values are wrong (all of the vowel matras). I will change them manually, but wanted you to know. It also looks like the GlyphData.xml file hasn’t been updated to reflect the -beng naming scheme. (names are listed as “abengali” “aabengali” “aavowelsignbengali” etc.)

Let me know if I should keep reporting here :wink:

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We can do that here. That is fine.

I had a look. I can’t find what you are describing. What version of Glyphs do you have? In Glyphs 2.5.2, uni0985 is correctly named “a-beng”.

Hi! Ah, ok I am running 2.5.1, but the auto-updater isn’t telling me there is a new version. What should I do?

Oh and I should correct the above statement, the vowel matras (aaMatra-beng, iMatra-beng, etc) were missing Unicode values in the font.

And in my version’s .xml file, the names look like this:

:grimacing: A thought: have I maybe messed up my GlyphData.xml file? I tried to “roll my own” once and maybe I’ve somehow messed up the original one? This was in the directory that you listed in the tutorial.


Thanks for your help!

It would be a great help to future users if the design and production process were written down and eventually turned into a tutorial similar to the one Mota Italic wrote for Devanagari.

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Please activate “Show cutting edge versions” in Preferences and update again.

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We are at work on those script tutorials. Korean is next, then a SEA script, then more SA scripts.


Hi guys! Thanks – updating did fix those vowel names for me.

The Bengali character set looks incomplete (doesn’t have Reph? Or am I missing it?). Has someone actually created and finished a Bangla font using Glyphs? Will their character set and feature code make it into the program in the future? Or is this something you need me to help with?

Thanks for your help thus far.

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Your help is very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Sidebar entry, glyph data, and feature automation. Shall we start with the first two?

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Has someone actually created and finished a Bangla font using Glyphs?

The source file for ITF’s Hind Siliguri is in Glyphs format, but it has to be built with HindKit.

Hi everyone,
I am trying to understand why automatic caret anchors are generated while designing the conjunct characters. It is also showing multiple top and bottom anchors while generating the anchor marks for conjuncts. It would be great to have some feedback on this.

It seems that the glyph is categories as Ligature instead of as Conjunct. What is the name of that glyph.

I have generated the list of characters from the “conjuncts” panel. I think it is generating the anchor marks and the carets based on the components of the conjuncts. The image attached above is called c_ch_ba-beng. So do we get rid of the multiple anchors and the carets individually? I also found a few conjunct glyphs which did not generate carets automatically, but had multiple anchor points.

I have fixed this.

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