Best font naming strategy to avoid "Regular" in fontname menus

Hi there,

What is the best font naming strategy in Glyphs 3 to avoid “Regular” being repeated in font name and font style menus in a family with only one member?


Screen Shot 2022-01-27 at 13.45.26

What app is that?

It might be the “Full Name”. You can set that manually in the instance settings.

>> What app is that?
Illustrator CS6.

I solved later with this scheme:

Same here. Happens when I have only one style in the font. Illustrator CS6.

Have you tried the scheme I proposed?

No. I was just curious, if Illustrator behaves similar as Word. I’ve noticed that older Word versions on PC doesn’t recognize the font in a Word document created on Mac, because the ID4 FontName includes “Regular” (And shows up in the menu as “Family Name Regular”). If ID4 has no “Regular”, it works. Maybe Illustrator handles it the same way?

Discussed here: VariableFonts id4 - #3 by philgarnham