Best practice for Glyph order?

As the question in the title already conveys: I’ve been wondering if there are any best practices for custom glyph orders and headers. Related to this article.


That depends on why you need that particular order?
And what the difference is to the default sorting?

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I’m currently building an set of Icons in Glyphs (since all the other applications don’t offer to set a stroke on the outside or inside for open paths) and I’d love to sort the view via groupings like Navigation, Operation, Brand etc.

I decided to built the Icons in 64×64 units. Is there any downside to that other than losing some detailed control?

Assuming those groups are totally custom and there’s no way to automate it, you can use glyphOrder - Paste script to reorder them manually in a more convenient copy-paste fashion:

  1. Copy glyph names (space separated)
  2. Select glyph, in front of which you want to paste them
  3. Run this script
    If glyphOrder custom parameter is missing, it will be created.

Assign “Icon” as category to all glyphs.
Then group them by adding the group titles as subCategories.

To do that, select the glyphs and press Cmd+Opt+i.

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Thanks a lot! Are there any resources regarding naming conventions for icons?

Other than then “Icon” category, there are not requirements. You can do whatever you like.