Best way to work with template background image? slowing glyphs down, atm

I tried a lot of things now, but still cannot improve the performance of glyphs, working with background image:

i thought it would be the best to take one image, a bitmap tiff, of the whole alphabet in one long file. height is set to 1000 pt, length is incidental. I don’t even have more than 12 characters and the image file size is just 700 kb.

now i placed that picture and cropped it to show just the certain letter i am working on.

now that i have this one and only image placed in 12 characters, glyphs is slowed down as hell. switching from the letter overview to an edit tab for instance takes at least 30 seconds.

when i throw all the images out of the file, everything runs smoothly again. but this is not how one would work with template images.

what’s wrong here? what do you suggest for working with images?

(glyphs Version 1.3.25 (526), OSX 10.6.8 AND 10.9)

Can you send me the .glyphs file and the image?


Sorry to reactivate this old thread. I’m having this same issue using Glyphs 2.5.1 in OS X 10.12.6 and this is the only topic i found in the forum related.
Please, let me know if there is any other thread i’m missing with any possible workaround that i could try, or if there is any other solution i’ll be very grateful.
Thanks in advance.

How big is the image you want to place?

It’s 1557 x 636 px, 55kb, rgb, jpg saved for web with 50% compression.
Thanks for your reply.

Can you send me the .glyphs file and the .jpg please to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

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Done, thanks for your help.

I opened your files (I needed to reimport the image), but noticed no significant slowdowns in Version 2.5.2 (1143). Do you have any View menu plug-ins running or the Preview area at the bottom open?

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The preview area was opened, i closed it and had the same slow down.
I don’t have any View menu plug-ins opened apart from the default stuff.

Georg Seifert mentioned a Frames per second plugin that could be useful to measure the issue with and without the image placed in the background, but i can’t find it in the plugin manager.

I forgot to mention that the slow down is of about one second when moving a node, an element, or a bezier point.
It doesn’t seem to be significant, but in real practice it turns out to be very annoying.
Thanks again for your help.

Ok, i installed the latest cutting edge version (2.5.2) as well as the Frames per second plugin.
Without image: between 17 and 20 fps
With image: slows down to 4, 6, or 7.5 depending on the zoom %.

I have an iMac 5k late 2014 4ghz Intel i7, 16gb RAM, AMD Radeon R9 2gb
Running on OS X Sierra 10.12.6

I thought that I had added the FramesPerSecond reporter to the Plugin Manager. Now it is.

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Has there been any resolution on this?
I’m also noticing significant slow downs when View → Show Image is on, on powerful hardware.

Glyphs 2, Version 2.6.6 (1352)
Show Image on: ~10 fps
Show Image off: ~60 fps

Glyphs 3, 3.0.2 (3053)
Show Image on: 10 fps max
Show Image off: ~60 fps

Everything in the View menu is set to hidden with the exception of Show nodes in foreground.
Only plugin is Show Frames per Second.

Empty font file, glyph with one contour with six nodes.
Any tips?

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was anyone able to solve this?

In Activity Monitor I also noticed that CPU usage of QuickLookSatellite jumps while scrolling in View, also

Can you send me that file (including the image)?


Glyphs 2,
Folder including images: 17mb zip, 40mb unzipped.