Better Align transformations in Italic layers?

I noticed that when trying to center anchors with the Transformations panel in an Italic layer, the anchors are centered in the bounding box of the selection, which is the mathematical center, but not the optical center. However, using Path > Align Selection produces a better result.

Can the transformation panel automatically do a shift based on the italic angle?
This example was done using an anchor, but it would be even more useful if it could work with any selected element (component/paths…).

If it’s too tricky to change existing transformations, could it be possible to add an option to do this extra shift when the Shift key is held down?

Select two nodes (e.g. the bottom ones) and the anchor and press Cmd+Shift+A.

I’ll check the italic alignment.

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Anchors was just an example. It’s more visible with a path.

Good point.

And here it is much saver to use a component for the bar. Because changed to the “T” would otherwise mess with the “Tbar”. That is a bit annoying if you need to add an extra glyph just for this but pays out in the long run.

I’m used to using components for this kind of situation, but sometimes I collaborate with files from other designers who don’t use components for this. :upside_down_face:

In such cases, I make sure they learn to use components properly, otherwise I don’t work with them.


These align scripts save me a lot of time by handling all that from a couple of keyboard shortcuts.

When 1 element (point, path, anchor, component) is selected, the scrips will align it to the layer’s bounding box or vertical metrics (run multiple times to jump to the next metric).

Hidden trick: Caps Lock on turns any selection into “one thing” for the same treatment. Otherwise multiple selected elements will align to each other, as you would expect.