Bezier handling

Is it possible to do this in Glyphs? Can’t seem to nail it.

If not, it would be a very welcome addition.

How you would trigger that mode? Any suggestion?

If you hold down SHIFT + ALT + CMD and drag a handle, it could move like this.

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Isn’t this what ctrl+opt already does?

if you select both off curve handlers than in most cases yes. but i can still reproduce, what i wrote in eliason’s related post that some points don’t behave always like that.

try just with a perfect square as a start and check this with all 4 points. at least one of them might just move the handlers in the same direction (not opposite). first i thought it was a problem with the starting point. but after a few tries, that was okay and another point was the weirdow.

also the 45° while holding shift breaks too early.

Path direction matters. Ctrl+Opt works with the last BCP before the following on-curve node.

There are no 45° steps with Shift, only 90° steps. The magnetic red guidelines are elongations of existing path segments.

ah, that works.

but for me pushing shift doesn’t help for steps. i can still break the alignment fluently.