Bitmap-effect or filter?

Does anyone know of bitmap-effect-filter? To easy create a bitmap-styled version of any given typeface? You know, just say how many pixels it should have and then press a button? Not a bitmap font, but a bitmap effect.

I have scripts for that, see the Pixelfont subdirectory in my scripts repository. I could turn the Pixelate script into a plugin, actually.

Wow, that is EXACTLY what I needed. I owe you so much beers!

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Got curious about this script, but console throw this error while trying to use Pixelate

Pixelate Error: 'GSSaveBezierPath' object is not callable

Did you install the Python modules in Preferences > Addons > Modules?


Please open an issue on GitHub with the complete error message. Pixelate gives you a complete traceback when there is an error.

Is it possible to call the Pixelate script as a Custom Parameter, or would it have to be a Filter for that?
If so, I would be very interested…

You would need to turn it into a filter, yes. Aren’t you a badass coder and can do it yourself? :slight_smile:

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OK, just added the Pixelate filter to Window > Plugin Manager. Have fun :slight_smile:

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That first one hurt (österr.: in offenen Wunden stierln) — far from being a badass coder (sad smiley) — thanks so much, fun it will be!

Na dann kummst amoi in an Python-Kurs, und geht scho.