Blank Categories

For the past three days I have had a problem with some Glyphs categories being blank: just a big white space. Any time I open a font the All category is blank, switching to another category and back will fix it. Other categories are blank at random, and switching between them or restart Glyphs fixes the problem. Any suggestions?

Does deleting ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/CustomFilter.plist help? (You’ll lose your custom filters, so maybe just move it to the desktop and restart Glyphs.)

The problem still occurs with that file removed.

It also occurs with custom filters.

FYI, this is 1.3.11 (370)

Can you send me a screenshot?

In a new user? Or the guest user if you have that option enabled.

Which plugins are installed? Try again without.

What happens in the console?

In a new user? Or the guest user if you have that option enabled.

The problem does not occur with the guest user account.

Which plugins are installed? Try again without.

Expand Paths Preview, RMX 4, TraceBackground. But removing them does not fix the problem.

What happens in the console?

Just a lot of variations of the following message:

8/17/12 9:38:06.284 AM [0x0-0x384384].com.GeorgSeifert.Glyphs: objc[6335]: Class ARCLite is implemented in both /Applications/…/Frameworks/JSTalk.framework/Versions/A/JST alk and /Applications/ form. One of the two will be used. Which one is undefined.

I suspect it is some sort of interference with one of the plugins. Remove a plugin, quit Glyphs, log out and back in to your account, then try again. Start with Expand Paths Preview, since it’s the only plugin I do not have in my set-up.

I don’t think this is a plugin problem. I can remove all plugins and the problem still occurs. And I did not install any new plugins before this started to occur. But RMX did update at some point. Does RMX bury any libraries outside of the normal plugin directory?

Does this happen with new fonts?

Yes, it happens with new fonts.

Today I found out that this problem has something to do with the window size. A maximized window or a fullscreen window will have the problem, but making the window just a tiny bit smaller will make all of the Glyphs appear.

I head this problem once before. But I could not reproduce it.