Blank paths generated in G3

When I cut open and connect paths in G3, sometimes it creates a path with 0 nodes (the shape 3 in the screenshot). It also shows up in the shape order filter window. Tidying up paths seems to delete these artefacts, but it of course does other things I do not intend on the existing paths. スクリーンショット 2021-02-03 13.26.30

Can you reproduce this?

It happens occasionally but not reliably. I believe it has something to do with open paths or changes in the paths count (drawing a new path or pasting?).

Pasting an open outline can sometimes crash the app, so can connecting to another (usually from another layer). They don’t happen all the time, but is 100% reproducible when the case matches. There seems to be something wrong with open outlines that’s perhaps related to my report above.

if you find a reproducible case, please send it. And of cause, send all crash reports. What version are you using (that makes it easier to find your crash reports).

v3061. I’ve been sending my reports every time the app crashed.

Some of your crashes are in the extrude filter that is attached to one of your instances.

Ah, so it’s because the bottom preview is open? That makes sense.


I’ve caught it! When you opt+delete a path in a certain way, a blank path is added. 2021-02-05 00.57.13

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I fixed it. thanks.