Blurring tool bug

Hello everyone,

I’ve just installed Glyphs 2 after purchasing it.
I cannot use the blurring function properly. When I do use it, the app keeps popping in and out alternating between glyphs and my desktop.

I’ve tried re-downloading the app going through the link you just sent but the problem persists.
I’ve also installed the latest cutting edge version and the problem is still here.

I’m running with macOS Catalina and have Glyphs version 2.6.4 (1274).

Does anyone know where could the problem come from? Or how can I fix it?
Thank you for your help!


Is this only happening when you drag the slider?

I think it is due to an incompatibility with Catalina, but it is only cosmetic. Workaround is to choose a slider position you are comfortable with until it is fixed.

Hi guys, I have the same situation, so annoyng :frowning:

I fixed it. Will update soon.

Great! :slight_smile: thank you