Blurry Preview Issue

I have this annoying problem with the preview panel at the bottom of the window. Every time I restart glyphs, all of the previews in all tabs are set to be blurred. Is there any way to reset this back to normal? I think it started happening after a crash, and it’s been going on like that ever since.

The preview settings are saved in the .glyphs file. Close all tabs except one, adjust the preview settings, save. Then, new tabs should inherit the same settings.

Thanks Eric. It’s a pity I cannot close my tabs!!! They are way too precious!

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Then change the preview setting in each of them. Or, better yet, move your precious strings into Preferences > Sample Strings, seriously.

I tried changing the preview setting for each tab but when I restarted and opened the file the previews were all blury. And the sample strings don’t keep placeholder glyphs. It’s ok though. I can work as it is.

They do, escape them as /Placeholder

Good. Thanks.