Bottom preview and layers panel are buggy

I can’t see the bottom preview or the layers. I can click and select the different options but content is invisible.
I should see this:

But I see this:

Same with the layers panel, it’s goes completely black

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Can you post a screenshot of the full window? And what did you set in Preferences > Appearance?

What version of macOS is that?

The same problem can occur on my machine too, from time to time. It doesn’t have a logical sequence, just happens occasionally (when auto Dark Mode takes place and the app switch to dark colors especially). Enclosed is the details of my environment. I use auto dark mode in macOS preferences, as you’ll guess.

Very same problem comes from G2, BTW (on both Catalina and Big Sur) and this is not only a G3 glitch — for me, at least. I was thinking it was a known bug, sorry for didn’t report before.

Mojave 10.14

I fixed it.

bottom preview is fixed with 3077 but the layers panel is still playing up

The layer panel is only empty at the very beginning. It should fix itself when you do something.

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bottom preview was fine for a bit and is buggy again
I am on Glyphs 3078 / Mojave 10.14