Bounding components to anchors


I wonder why components cannot be bound to anchors? I constantly use Align Selection command to position components, and every time I scale glyph with RMX Scaler or copy/paste components across Masters, components are off their positions. It would be quite easy, I suppose, to bound a component to an anchor to avoid this and speed up the work.
What do you think?

I have to think about this.
This particular problem could be fixed on the Scaler.
And did you try to use corner components?

I agree. This will be useful and reduce repetitive work.

What would be the advantage of keeping the anchor at the right place instead of the component itself?

I use one smart component for serifs. And I use “width” parameter to adjust the width where it is necessary, like right serif of “r”,“f” etc. That’s why I don’t use corner components.

When a shape is shared among glyphs, like right leg of “n”, I use connect anchors, but for serifs it doesn’t work.

Now I am updating old files made in Glyphs 1 and I am replacing components with smart components, and getting rid of components that are no longer needed since smart components have been introduced. This is real pain. I have to adjust positions of every single component. Bounding it to a node would resolve this problem.

You can scale corner components. That works only for certain shapes, though.

Anchors work only between two components.

If select a component and one node and then hit cmd+shift+A, he component will be placed so that the origin of the component is on top of the node.