Brace Layers & Components

Hi Guys,

Forgive me for being a novice here: I’m trying to use brace layers (with Thin & Black masters) - here with two components creating my ‘n’. I can create the braced layer as components, but then to edit I will have to decompose, which then will stop any interpolation of course.

In this instance, what do you set as the brace layer? Each of the components that make the n? Or just the n? Or both? Or neither?

All the best!

What exactly do you want to change in your brace layer? You could just do the difference in the shoulder part.

I would like to reduce the contrast where the shoulder meets the stem. But to edit the shoulder, wouldn’t I need to decompose the component, therefore losing interpolation?

Are you suggesting that I only create a brace layer for the shoulder, and not the n glyph itself?

Consider a smart component:

I actually had smart components setup but stripped them out as I found them even more confusing to work with Brace layers (as they would also need to be duplicated and named, right?)

I also had the same issue figuring this out to work with brace layers too.

Is it possible for me to make these edits with create smart components?

The tutorial describes exactly a shoulder for n/m/h, etc.

I have tried that tutorial to add an auto-positioned connector for an arabic font but it didn’t work, the anchors are not connecting for unknown reason.

Have you used the right order (an #exit anchor in the stem and and #entry in the shoulder?

In the article there is no mention for entry/exit anchors but for a connect anchor.

You can use either. exit/entry has the advantage that you can use automatic alignment with the LSB of the first and RSB of the last component. Or in RTL, with the RSB of the first and the LSB of the last component.