Brace layers metrics update

Hi guys,

Is there a way to re-interpolate only the metrics in the Brace Layers? I mean if I already have a drawing and I change the metrics value in the Light and Bold masters am I able to update only the metrics in the intermediate master?

Using Re-Interpolate from the gear menu I need always copy and paste the drawing made before.

I think combination of copy & paste and reinterpolation gets the job done just fine. Having shortcut for everything will cause a messy UI, and a new feature should be (ideally) something you cannot do otherwise or requires much more steps to do.

Do you need this very often? Have you considered a script?

Thanks Tosche, using copy and paste is fine to me as well, my asking was just to make sure there is no different way to do that.

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Hi Eric, no and copy and paste are working well.

This happened because in a new project I changed the moment I started using the brace layers so I’m having to update the metrics more often that I did it in others projects.

The script can be fine but as I don’t code the problem is write the script. :slight_smile:

If you find another glyphs that has the same LSB or RSB, use a metrics key and Update Metrics in the brace layer.

Is there any Method I can call the “Re-interpolate” straight on brace layer?

You mean in Python?

Yes… sorry… in python a Method I can call that “re-interpolate” used on bace.

Try this:

# Layer is the brace layer
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exactly that… Thanks Georg.

Hi Georg, just another issue that I found working today.
“Update metrics” is not working properly in brace layers in the italic fonts.

@GeorgSeifert I believe you already aware about this bug, but glyphs with components in brace layers also have problems with “update metrics”, usually it goes to zero or -1.