Brace layers using a brace layer middle master as a component?

I am working with two masters (light/black) and brace layers for a middle master (regular) in some of the glyphs. I have brace layers set up for some of the figures i.a. for [three.dnom]. Is there any way to set up a brace layer using another brace layer middle master as a component within that layer?
For example setting up a brace layer for the [three.numr / three.subs / three.sups] using the brace layer middle master of [three.dnom]?

Anybody? I would be very happy about some help on this! Thanks.

I don’t get what you are trying to do. Components will pick up the brace layer from the other glyph by default. So if three.dnom has a brace layer, you don’t need to do anything in three.numr.

uups, knew I’d make a tit of myself… don’t know why I came to think it would work in any other way as with diacritics and other component. Thanks for replying anyhow, it obviously works now!