Brace layers with component glyphs won't sync metrics in 1204

I was building a file in 1141 and when I’ve tried to open it in 1204 the glyphs that have brace layers don’t sync up with the side bearing metrics… in other words, if I have a glyph open in the edit view that has a brace layer, when I toggle through to the next component based glyphs (the diacritics), the spacing changes (even though all metric keys are synced).

It doesn’t do this with glyphs that do not have brace layers, and it does not do it in 1141 where I began the file.

Also, anchor components won’t respond when moving them in the brace layers. I can move the anchor itself but the attached component will not.

Sorry, hard to explain. Would appreciate any thoughts.


Can you send a screencast or the .glyphs file?

Sure, here they are. These are in 1204, and as mentioned, these issues don’t occur when I keep it in 1141.

You can see it in the preview panels


I don’t see what you mean in the first image?

Could you still send me the .glyphs file?

The /s side bearings appear to expand when it toggles to the component glyphs 1204 above.

If I type something like Vsv and toggle through to the component glyphs of /s, then the right side becomes wider between the component s/v in 1204, but it doesn’t move or change in 1141.

Here is a comparison video of it in 1141… the /s metrics stay the same as it toggles through.

I’ll send the file too.

Thanks for the file. I see it now. It seems to be a preview problem only. The exported fonts are find. I’ll see if I can fix this.

Ok, great, you’re welcome. Thanks for testing the file and the update with a look into fixing the preview. I’ve still got an archive of 1141, so I’ll finish this font off with that for now.

I updated to v 1209 and the preview problem still seems to persist… though when testing an exported font, you’re correct, it does indeed seem to be ok.

I wasn’t sure if some of the recent updates may have included a fix or not, but it doesn’t appear to. Just throws me off when I’m toggling through my glyphs to check for correctness and makes it seem like something shifted if I’m opening an old file in the new version.