Brace Trick + Component

Hey Guys, I’m designing a sans-serif using two masters, ExtraLight (21 vstem value) and Black (~240 v stem value). In my design this causes issues in contrast in the heavier master in letters such as n, h, r, where the arc connects to the stem. So I’m using the brace trick to a Regular version so that up to that point it keeps a relatively low contrast.

Thing is, I’m also using smart components to control the width of the arc (n, m just like in the tutorial).

So n {80}…
When I hit re-interpolate on the letter n for example, the part that’s not a component works, while the other stays the same.

Is there a way to make it work so I can keep smart components intact?


Smart components and brace tricks do not work together in this case. The use of smart components is really needed for the ‘n’ as you only need the extremes (a wide for the n and a narrower for the m).

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