Brace trick on Glyphs 3?

Hello everyone!

I have font files made on Glyphs 2 and for certain glyphs, there’s a brace trick. How do I work around that on Glyphs 3? Is there anyway to make this work without going back to using Glyph 2 for these specific fonts?

Thank you!

There is also a brace (and bracket) trick in 3. Isn’t it the same?

Brace and bracket layer also exist in Glyphs 3. When creating brace layers, you no longer need to type the brace layer name syntax. Instead, right-click the layer in the Layers panel and choose Intermediate. Bracket layer are referred to as Alternative layers.

See the Handbook for more infos:

Thanks Florian. I’ve been reading that but for some reason, my variable is having different behavior on different softwares. I’m gonna keep digging, thanks!

What exactly do you get?

It was a bug from indesign actually, no surprise…