Braced layer in smart components

Would braced layer be possible in smart components’ transformation?

Hi there,
I got a CJK stroke 1 and I want it to be compressed like 2, and I got result 3

I think it’s because the distance between the two shapes just too far, and of course the two BCPs, but these are necessary. Would you consider to enable brace layer feature in smart component shaping, so that with one intermediate layer it would fix the trouble? Or if you have already implemented that please let me know! Thank you!

You can use brace layers in Smart components (you might need to update to the latest cutting edge version).

But you problem is not the distance of the interpolation but that is a kink (and a rather nice example of that nasty species ;). Have a look at this tutorial:

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Hi Georg, thank you for your solution. It’s solved flawlessly with Mekkablue’s script. Very happy! Thank you!

I would like to know if how I could add brace layers in smart component for each parameter layers. Is there a reference?

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You just add brace layers as you would in normal glyphs.

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Hi Georg,

can you please show an example setup of a smart component with brace layer(s) and a setup for a glyph that uses the smart component? I have been trying for some time now to make it work and perhaps I am missing something but the result is just broken.