Braces trick not working in variable font

Hi there,

I am trying to fix a variable font whose brace tricks are apparently causing glyphs not to interpolate. I other words only the glyphs with no braces seem to interpolate well. If I generate an instance everything is fine, but when I test in Axis Praxis, the problem show up.

Any idea of what maybe be happening?


What are the design space coordinates of the masters and the brace layers?

I had a look at the file you sent me. Two issues:

  1. The glyph in question is mixing brace and bracket layers, which currently is not compatible with OTVar export. I suggest decomposing the component.
  2. The masters are not in a rectangular setup, which confuses the delta creation after the bracket layer’s breakpoint. IOW there was no information what should happen beyond weight=150 at width=100. I suggest giving both bold masters the same weight coordinate, and rearranging weight coordinates of instances. (Can be calculated with a script.)

Thanks! Please can you point where you found brackets? I have only found $.

Brackets: in the dollar
Braces: in the S, which was inserted as a component in the dollar

Thanks! Regarding the script, is it such script available somewhere or it needs to be written. If it’s not available, can you send me a quotation for it?


Beer and fries in Antwerp? :slight_smile:


Of course. I might even pay your bitterballen :). Seriously, if you can fix this file, we can pay your time.