Bracket Glyphs + PUA

For a custom icon font we have some glyphs like:

Now I try to make a variable font/glyphs out of these, since the glyphs are not all interpolatable I use Bracket layers. Note that there are already two master per glyph (stroke thickness / weight = interpolatable!)
This all kinda works as long the glyph names and/or unicode is in a ‘normal’ range. PUA is not always possible. Why? (always is in bold, because sometimes it works and sometimes is does not, and that is not possible)

my axes

my layers

my error

so, this does not work, see error PUA

but this does work other name + unicode

of course we need the PUA one :slight_smile:

extra: just to make it more fun: this does work PUA:

Can you send me the file?

It first worked fine for me. Then I played around your file a bit (I don’t like duplicate data) and found a way to build the same font with less then half the layers. And the resulting font is quite a bit smaller, t00.
But while playing, the error showed up and I could fix it.

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Yes there is a lot of data/layers at are the same, but I found that was needed for compatibly reasons. Good that it is not needed.

In mean time I found that:
While playing around the error shows up, rename the glyph/unicode to not PUA range, generate, save, generate - all fine, rename the glyph/unicode back to PUA, save, generate all fine, close file and reopen, generate, error.

Can you send me the file :slight_smile: