Bracket layer not working in glyphs with components (Variable Font)

I’m having trouble with glyphs with components, the components seem to interpolate well but the composed glyphs don’t respect the bracket layer.

  1. Make sure you use the latest beta please. Go to Glyphs > Preferences > Updates, activate both checkboxes and press the Update button.
  2. Consider reduplicating the bracket layers in the compound glyphs. There is a mekkablue script in the Interpolation submenu that does exactly that.

Thanks, Rainer. I did both but I’m still having the same issue. I have the bracket layers in each glyph.

Can you try the Decompose Components in Variable Font parameter in File > Font Info > Font?

Added it and still the same. With the “Variable Font Preview” plugin I don’t see the problem, it is only after exporting it.

Ah. For bracket layers, it’s currently not implemented, unless you actually decompose each base letter and reduplicate the brace layer arrangement.

Oh, ok. Thanks, I’ll do that for the moment.

Hello, it seems that when decomposing components, bracket layers (in the source) aren’t applied yet?
Do you think you’re going to implement this feature in a short future?

You would only need to decompose the bracket layers themselves, then it should work. The mekkablue script Interpolation > Composite Variabler may be able to help you to some extent.

What do you mean by “decompose the bracket layer”?

ahah, your script crashed Glyphs. I’m sending the crash report.

I re-ran the script without “decompose bracket layers in composites” and without “delete pre-existing bracket layers” and Glyphs did not crash. However, the new tab with affected composited didn’t open.