Bracket trick combined with copy/paste components


problem: letter ‘b’, constructed using the bracket trick to get better results in heavier weights: bold [110]
now i want to use the ‘b’ to get a ‘d’, in my case simply mirrored (plus ‘p’ and ‘q’ later on).

i can take the normal ‘light’, the ‘light [110]’ and the normal ‘bold’ by using ‘b’ as a component source to build it - that’s easy.
but how do i get the 'bold [110]? looks like i can only copy/paste it directly from the ‘b’ but then the benefit of using components gets lost.

is there any way to get it as a component?


That should already work like that. You don’t need to add the bracket layer to the d. Just export and inspect the OTF.

Just use the b as a component as usual. the preview doesn’t work, but the exported fonts will be fine.

thumz up! danke!