"bracket trick" doesnt work anymore


After some adjustments in multiple master font the “bracket trick” does not work anymore.
Bug? Has anyone a similar problem or a solution?

I don’t know why your brackets don’t work. But you can just use the Remove Glyphs and Rename Glyphs custom parameters to swap glyphs around when your instances export.

Hi Dunwich,
don’t know if your method wold work out, but i found the problem.

Since I discoverd that you can slant metrics too for italcs in glyphsapp (by typing an angle in the masters panel), the problem appeared.
Now i discoverd if i type an angle, the layer names would change to “Fontname Italic”, but your additional-custom-layers wouldn’t. I finally changed them too "Fontname Italic [500]"and it even worked.

Thnak you anyway.