Bracket trick in G3?

Does the “bracket trick” still work for a regular single axis interpolation (not for var fonts)?
After creating the usual Light [120] and Bold [120] Glyphs doesn’t even consider the shapes on these layers for interpolation. With the Show master compatibility ON, the shapes are not colored on this layers and they are not being used when I generate the instances.

Just for the test sake I’ve tried absolutely the same thing in Glyphs 2 - it works just fine there.

Now you have to right click layer and choose “alternate” from the options. It will give you an axis range for you to type 120, for example. Then you can tweak the shape for that character and it should work.

Oh, I see. Thanks! Will give it shot!

I have several glyphs that make use of Bracket Trick and Reversed Bracket Trick. Originally in Glyphs 2 and named as “Bold ]600]”. When I open the MM file in Glyphs 3, the layer has a different name structure “[wg<600]” and I can’t edit the name. In G2 I may have a name such as “Bold e ]600]” or “ampersand ]550]” etc.

I find that I can copy the newly named layer and name it as G2 and then delete the newly named layer. So it all looks as the original file.

What is the reasoning for changing the way it is written and can you point me to a Tutorial on this so I can get a grasp of the changes and effects on the font file.


New tutorial is in the works.

For the time being, you cannot name bracket layers. They are always called Alternate Layers now.