Bracket trick in single axes VF - Substitution stops working


My substitution code doesn’t work after using bracket trick in a weight axes variable font. Is there something I can do about this?

The first glyph in the above image is Kannada Ka+Halant and the second is the Halant.

Yes because the bracket trick is a substitution feature in variable fonts. By default it kicks in very early, so the substitution you wrote manually does not get the glyphs it is expecting.

What you can do is use the custom parameter Feature for Font Variations to use a different feature, which comes after your substitution. This is not a hack, it is allowed by the spec. However, implementation is so buggy in Adobe apps that it will not work in AI and InD.

You mean the Feature for Feature Variations custom parameter? What would the New Value look like (for example)?

E.g. “calt”

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Thank you @mekkablue! Works.

calt might work in Adobe apps but the user can disable it and if you add a glyph from the glyph pallet, it is disabled for that glyph. But there is no feature that is on by default and can’t be disabled by the user in Adobe apps. For everywhere else I suggest “rlig”.

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Thank you @GeorgSeifert. Trying both options to see what works best!