Bracket trick not working for negative vaues

Hi, I try to use bracket trick in a font. It works well for the upright instances. I combined upright and italic masters in one font and I use negative values to generate italic instances. Unfortunately bracket trick does not work with negative values in brackets. Any idea?

Which version of the app are you using?

In versions pre-2.5, negative interpolation values were reserved for non-interpolating masters.

Same results in Version 2.4.2 (1060) and Version 2.5b (1092), negative values are ignored, the bracket trick only works with positive values.

What is the interpolation value of the bold italic instance?

Bold Italic instance is -206.

The complete setup is following:

Masters Upright / Italic
Light 52 / -52
Bold 206 / -206

52 Light, 78, 116, 162, 206 Bold / -52 Light, -78, -116, -162, -206 Bold


Your Bracket Trick says [-161] which means ‘for everything above this value’, but your instances are ate -162 and -206, which is below -161.You could try the reverse Bracket Trick, and rename it to: ]-161].

Unfortunately it does not work neither. I sent you the file to support. Thanks!

Thanks for the file. I could fix it.

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