Bring up measurement line temporarily doesn't work

Previously you could bring up the measurement line with CMD+CTRL+ALT – it no longer works?
3.2 (3180)

Also doesn’t measure the right hand side:

Works for me. Is the measurement line activated (View → Show Measurement Line) when holding down Command-Control-Option?

I think the behaviour is different since 3.2. Previously cmd-ctrl-opt would show the measurement line no matter if the menu option “Show Measurement Line” was checked. I found the old behaviour more practical.

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I have described similar problem here recently:

For me, it came up with 3152 and it only affects the temporarily shown line with cmd-ctrl-opt. Really loved this shortcut as its very handy and also more unobtrusive than the always on measurement line.

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Yes I agree. It was much more efficient before. Now I have to:

  1. Press CMD+CTRL+ALT. Then take my right hand off the mouse to the keyboard to hit M.
  2. Bring my hand back to the mouse to adjust the measurement line.
  3. Bring my hand back to the keyboard to hit M to disable it.

Whereas previously I could just hold CMD+CTRL+ALT and move the adjustment line and let go to to deactivate without having to move my hand.

I’m a little bit confused, why do you press M? CMD+CTRL+ALT+M updates all metrics for me? Or is it a customized shortcut?
But indeed, it’s more cumbersome now as the measurement line needs to be first activated by one shortcut (requiring both hands cnrtl+cmd+L) and then another one to adjust its height (cntl+opt+cmd). Whereas previously everything could be handled very quickly in one go (and with one hand).

I have fixed the measurement line in Text mode.

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It seems like in 3.2 (3181) the measurement line is working again with the ctrl+option+cmd temporary shortcut but it became invisible.

Now I fixed it for good.

Well… It just quit on me… No values anymore

G# 3.2 (3182)

Can you post a screenshot?

While in measure mode, can you click next to the cursor?

I don’t quite understand what you mean.

The previous screenshot is with Show measurement line active in view menu. Otherwise I couldn’t make a screen shot.

But I get the same behavior (values not showing) when I press the CTRL-OPTION-COMMAND key combi.

Before the update I had three values per intersection (left, right plus total ?)

It works for me. Can you zoom a bit or use only one line? It might be that the measurement line is shifted by one line height.

What version of macOS do you have?

Can you run this in the macro window:


and post the result here.